Pulse Tech XC100-P Xtreme Charger

Pulse Tech XC100-P Xtreme Charger
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  • Item #: Pulse Tech 100X020

The PulseTech Products Corporation XC100-P Xtreme Charger is a Five-Stage Maintenance Charger.

Use it for evaluation and testing. A unique test feature evaluates the battery thoroughly during the initial connection to determine the appropriate charge rate based on its size and condition.

It tests the battery continually for as long as it is connected to the charger to maintain the optimal bulk or float charge rate. This test step incorporates a Bad Battery indication if it determines the battery is faulty and cannot be re-charged.

Use Xtreme Charge for maintenance and bulk charging. Its designed to be a maintenance charger for any type of 12-volt lead-acid battery, by imposing only the appropriate amount charge rate, the battery is maintained safely at its proper operating voltage indefinitely.

Conversely, if the charger is connected to a discharged battery, its bulk charge capability, 2.5 Amp actual-5 Amp effective, will re-charge the battery rapidly and safely so it can be put back into service quickly.

A proprietary computer-integrated technology measures both voltage and current to determine the appropriate amount of charge the battery is able to accept at any given time. As the pulse and saturation charges improve the batteries condition, the charge rate may be increased safely to an optimal level. This proprietary algorithm protects the battery from the risk of damage due to overcharging.

The XC100-P features variable float charge. PulseTech's intelligent circuitry imposes the correct amount of charge rate as determined by the continual evaluation of the batteries condition.

The charge rate may be as minimal as 0.2 Amp during typical float up to the full 2.5 Amp for more deeply discharged batteries. This variable float charge ensures optimal charge rate is applied to the battery.

PulseTechs unique and patented PULSE technology increases the duty and life cycles of any size or type of 12-Volt lead-acid battery by minimizing the size of the lead sulfate crystals. This allows a battery to accept as much charge as possible.

PULSE technology helps ensure that your new batteries will stay in like-new condition while older batteries often improve dramatically.

Duty cycles are typically extended from three to five times for all types of lead-acid batteries! Xtreme Charge is ideally suited for AGM and maintenance-free batteries from less than 10 Ah to over 150 Ah.

The combination of patented pulse technology and proprietary charging algorithm typically allows it to charge these high-performance batteries more fully. It also maintains a safe charge profile for traditional batteries including flooded, fill and charge and gel.

Includes fuse-protected quick-disconnect battery clamps and lugs, Important Safety Instructions and Quick-Start Guide.

Fuse-protected, spark-proof unit is UL and CE certified.

Five-year manufacturers warranty.

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