YUASA GYZ20L AGM Motorcycle Battery

Yuasa GYZ20L AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) motorcycle battery
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  • Item #: Yuasa GYZ20L

Battery Type: GYZ20L

Voltage: 12

Capacity: 20

Dimensions: 6.875 x 3.4375 x 6.125 (inches)

Weight: 15.2 lbs. Metric Weight: 6.9 kg

Amps : 2.0

C.C.A.: 270

Additional plates inside battery provide up to 30% more power (cranking amps) than the Yumicron battery.

Dealer fills battery from included acid tubes to create a sealed, spill-proof battery.

High level of power (cranking amps) possible for today's big bikes.

The simplest battery for the dealer. Battery is filled, sealed and charged at the factory. Battery is ready for installation right out of the box.

Never needs refilling.

1-year manufacturers warranty.

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AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) separators with superior grid and component designs. Improved charge recovery capability from a deeply discharged condition. Longer shelf-life. Improved life cycle performance. Extreme vibration resistance. Supplied "factory-activated" (filled, sealed and charged at the factory). Heavy-duty, flush-mounted terminals; patent-pending embedded brass nut. Upgrade for custom motorcycles requiring the best performance.

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