Race Tech Gold Valve Fork Kit FMGV S2048C Gold Wing

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Race Tech Gold Valve Fork Spring Kit. Race Tech Model # FMGV S2048C. This is the latest upgrade kit from Race Tech.

Fits Honda GL 1800 Goldwing '01 - '12.

What does the ultimate front end feel like? It is controlled, doesn't dive excessively, yet firm and plush at the same time.

Stock cartridge forks, at best, are a compromise and some are downright poor. The fact that you have a cartridge system doesn't necessarily mean that it works well. The stock valving systems can be modified but they all have major limitations. The solution is to install the Race Tech Gold Valve Cartridge Emulators for best performance and comfort. By improving the piston design, Race Tech was able to provide outstanding performance and tune ability on a small budget. RACE Tech Gold Valve Products can be installed and tuned by any competent mechanic or DIY home hobbyist.

Race Tech has created a kit to address the special issues of the Honda GL1800, Race Tech Gold Valve Cartridge kit FMGV S2048C. For the cartridge side they use a Compression and Rebound Gold Valve to custom set the damping for rider weight and riding ability. On the Damping Rod side the Gold Valve Emulator is used to complete the custom set-up. Top it off with the proper rate Race Tech Fork Springs to give the proper ride height and front end dive control. The results are an awesome handling bike that is comfortable to ride without the big price tag for the modification.

Top your Forks off with Amsoil Full Synthetic STM 10# Shock Therapy Suspension Fluid and you have the best system available today!

Without a doubt, this is one of the best modifications that you can do to your Honda GL1800 for comfort and performance, without breaking the bank.

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