National Cycle Quantum N20012A with Vent Hole

National Cycle VStream deluxe windshield for the Honda GL1800
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  • Item #: National Cycle N20012A Vent Hole

The new VStream for the GL1800 features 4.5mm - 33% thicker than stock, Lexan polycarbonate for outstanding optics and impact strength 23X better than acrylic. Then they added their exclusive Quantum hard coat for scratch resistance 10X better than FMR coating and 30X better than acrylic replacement screens. This is one tough windscreen! The Vstream's larger size and 2.5" setback create a quiet and comfortable ride you're sure to appreciate.



Thick, sturdy Quantum hard coated Lexan polycarbonate. DOT approved. Covered by National Cycle's 3-YEAR UNBREAKABLE WARRANTY!


Uses existing mounting hardware and OEM vent for a direct replacement. Retains full use of original windshield height adjustment.

Product Description:

Both windscreens, the N20012A with vent opening and N20012 without vent opening, will fit the 2001-17 GL1800. The 2001-05 GL1800 Gold Wing shields use a 5-point mounting system. 2006-12 GL1800 Gold Wing shields use a 3-point mounting system. These shields are set up with 5-point mounting to fit both 2001-05 and 2006-12 GL1800 Gold Wings. On the 2006-12 GL1800, the customer will use the one middle and two outer mounting points only.

Stock GL1800's from 2001-03 did not have a vent. If you want to use the VStream windscreen with the vent opening - N20012A, you will need to use your existing vent or order a replacement vent from Honda or an aftermarket replacement vent.

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