ShinGrips Foam Grip Covers 5.5 Inch-GL1800-GL1500-GL1200

Slip on Foam Grip Covers for the GL 1800.
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5.5 inch Foam Grip Covers for Honda Goldwings, Fits GL1800-GL1500-GL1200 and others.


Foam covers slip over your existing grips. Sold in Pairs

Great for adding thickness and cushioning to existing grips.

Foam Grip Covers are made of CE, CPE-EPDM Foam which is U.V., ozone and oxidation resistant.

CE Foam will not weaken or crack as a result of years of outdoor exposure.

GoldWing: A dimension length is 5.5 inches to accommodate the length of the GL1800-GL1500-GL1200 and other grips. Does not leave a gap.

Fits grips that are 1.25 to 1.45 inches in diameter.


INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Just apply soapy water to the inside of the FOAM GRIP COVERS and slide them over your existing grips. Allow FOAM GRIP COVERS to dry, to prevent any slip movement on grips. Be patient with install as the covers are made to fit tight, for driver safety.


Items are shipped un-packaged to keep the cost down for our customers.

The more pairs you purchase, equals less cost per pair.

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